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engageQR is a revolutionary "Instant Personalized Engagement™" platform for Senior Living Communities. Our brandable platform helps you meet the challenge of providing meaningful content for a diverse population; truly providing Person-Centered Engagement.

Residents, their families, potential residents, and staff can quickly and easily access personalized content based on their individual areas of interests and preferences with just the scan of their unique QR code. Works with all devices.  

Your residents can feel empowered by making their own personal choice of engaging, entertaining, and educational content. Great for all cognitive levels.
Management and Staff will save time and reduce the stress of preparing and planning activities and will love the variety of engagement that they will be able to offer to your community.


(Residents or Staff can personalize the content so resident only sees their interests.) ​ 

Sample Standard Content for Residents 

​​Sample Premium Content for Residents ​ 

Staff ​ 

Sample Standard Content for Staff ​ 

Sample Premium Content for Staff: ​ 

Linked Community for Staff 

All these options can be managed through your engageQR Community Management portal. Making the choice to stand out as a leader in person-centered engagement has never been easier and more affordable. 

Become a leader in person-centered engagement with engageQR™.